Making curriculum decisions related to students' learning needs is on every administrator's and teacher's mind—both addressing prioritizing standards-based learning and the need for innovation. To discuss your needs and concerns, contact Janet to schedule a free virtual meeting.

Published Books

Gain insights and how-tos for implementing positive changes to your curriculum and instruction by reading books by Janet Hale.

A Guide to Curriculum Mapping

Janet’s best-selling book addresses the mapping basics, including suggested steps for implementing and sustaining an ongoing mapping process. It also provides readers with powerful tools, features, and strategies that can significantly enhance your curriculum design, as well as provide solutions for dealing with potential challenges.

An Educational Leader’s Guide

Janet’s companion curriculum mapping book provides administrators and teacher leaders with specific guidance and strategies to effectively ensure a curriculum mapping implementation is not only sustained, but becomes embedded into the cultural consciousness of how to conduct curriculum, instruction and assessment decision-making.

Upgrade Your Curriculum

This book provide strategies and steps to transform curriculum and instruction to embrace contemporary learning environments that engage students in higher-order thinking tasks, make local and global connections, and incorporate appropriate technology, and includes detailed “snapshots” of the transformational upgrading process in action.

A Guide to Documenting Learning

This how-to guide provides three phases and five learning flow routine steps to establish or enhance documentation practices in classrooms and professional learning environments. The documenting framework provides students and educators with an interconnected, metacognitive approach for creating evidence of their learning.

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