Personalized Curriculum Coaching

Achieve your organization's goals and desires by participating in multiple meetings,
coaching, and feedback opportunities

"I have searched the Internet for someone who specializes in coaching singletons, like me, who is in charge of getting our teachers to map our curriculum for accreditation. I am the Curriculum Director in a private school, and there is no one I can confide in, or brainstorm with, regarding next steps or problems that come up. I need a curriculum expert who can be my sounding board, advisor, and cheerleader. Can you help me with this?"

Yes, yes I can! Whether you are responsible for:

  • Implementing curriculum
  • Leading curriculum design
  • Improving standards alignment
  • Creating curriculum and instruction model or framework

my expertise in curriculum, assessment, and instruction for over 25 years can aid you in your personalized coaching needs. My desire is to help you be the very best you can be in your curriculum role, and enable you to make decisions that lead to improvements that benefit your students and their teachers. My goal is to help you feel confident in determining your own solutions.

Your personalized coaching can take place via a: Janet on Phone

  • Phone call
  • Skype session
  • Google hangout

To discuss your personalized coaching needs via a phone call (520.241.8797) or virtually (skype: janethale or Google Hangout), please contact me to set up a meeting time.

Maybe today you don't achieve everything you want, but if you aim always in the same direction, you will be a person destined to succeed.
—Mauricio González Vidal

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