Making curriculum decisions post-COVID-19 is on every educator's mind—both addressing immediate concerns and prioritizing learning as education and innovation move forward. To discuss your current needs, contact Janet to schedule a free virtual meeting.

Who is Janet Hale?

Janet Hale is passionate about supporting educators in making curriculum decisions that ensure, enhance, and enrich learning and teaching experiences.

She specializes in curriculum mapping; curriculum design using various models and frameworks; standards literacy and alignment; and documenting learning to assist schools, districts, dioceses, higher-ed programs, and educational organizations and businesses with their curriculum, instruction, and assessment needs and improvement plans.

Her Masters of Arts degree in educational leadership and curriculum development; plus teaching in elementary, secondary, and special education classrooms, enable Janet to provide insights and information conducive to making decisions that improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices for all learners—including teachers and administrators.

Janet has written professional books published by ASCD and Corwin Press that focus on curriculum mapping, upgrading units of study, and documenting learning.

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