Making curriculum decisions related to students' learning needs is on every administrator's and teacher's mind—both addressing prioritizing standards-based learning and the need for innovation. To discuss your needs and concerns, contact Janet to schedule a free virtual meeting.

Curriculum Mapping Consulting, Training, and Coaching

Help make your school, district, or higher-ed program match your vision by
applying strategic plans to your curriculum-mapping process

Janet has been involved in curriculum mapping since the 1990’s, and authored the best-selling book, A Guide to Curriculum Mapping: Planning, Implementing, and Sustaining the Process.  Her experience and expertise in all aspects of curriculum mapping, including pre-planning, implementation, and advanced mapping, prove beneficial to those she assists.

When Janet works with a school, district, or higher-ed program, she believes it is essential to:

  • Ask questions to learn more about your past and current curriculum, assessment, and instructional practices
  • Understand your current culture and climate from both administrative and teacher perspectives 
  • Take into account how your vision, mission, and strategic plans play a role in your curriculum-mapping initiative
  • Personalize your mapping focuses and goals to aid in meeting your short- and long-range goals

If you are just starting your curriculum mapping journey or wanting to refine or advance your mapping initiative, Janet offers a variety of customizable services that involve both in-person and virtual-meeting support.


Janet has such enthusiasm and passion for curriculum mapping.
She understands our trials and tribulations in mapping,
and has honored our desire to make curriculum mapping “our own.”
Janet’s energy keeps us focused on the goal of curriculum mapping —student achievement!

—Director of Instruction, Weld Re-4

Our district has been working closely with Janet for the past two years. Her hands-on approach and thorough knowledge of curriculum truly inspires all of our teachers to give their all. I don’t usually get thanked for asking teachers to sit on a committee,  but one teacher really summed up the enthusiasm that is felt by those involved in our curriculum work. She writes, “Thank you for inviting me to represent 4th grade on the curriculum task force. I think we are doing fantastic things for our district. The summer work was one of the most worthwhile activities I have participated in, in a long time. I left feeling that I had truly contributed to something wonderful for our students!”

–Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Professional Learning Executive Director,
Mexico Academy and Central Schools

It was our good fortune to have joined forces with Janet Hale as we began our journey into curriculum mapping.. Through her stewardship, support, and smiles, our teachers are having those rich collegial dialogues that lead to best practices and a greater understanding of the curriculum. We will continue to draw on Janet’s expertise and insights. She has won a special place in the hearts of our administrators, principals, cabinet members, and faculty!

—Assistant Director, Educational Services Center, Pueblo School District

We attended a workshop presented by Janet and met with her after for a consultation time. We knew immediately that she could lead us through this process. She has never proved us wrong! Her visits, without exception, have left us with information, direction, renewed enthusiasm, and encouragement to keep moving forward. Her blend of expertise, energy, patience, and kindness create the perfect formula for success. Thank you, Janet!

—Assistant Superintendent, Octorara Area School District

Janet is the BEST! She is awesome, dynamic, empowering, and enthusiastic! To us, Janet is “Curriculum Mapping.” She has a wealth of knowledge, and is willing to share it any time, any place.

—Curriculum Team, Lodi Unified School District

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