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Documenting Learning Overview

Making learning and thinking visible.

Making learning visible is a 21st century (modern) pedagogical and heutagogical movement.

Documenting learning, which includes a need to make thinking about the learning process visible, meaningful, shareable, and amplified—provides students and teachers, as active learners, with an interconnected, metacognitive approach for creating evidence of one’s learning. Doing so aids students, teachers, and administrators in owning their own learning process, as well as assisting others in their learning growth.

There is a critical thinking sophistication involved when someone makes choices about what is truly worth capturing as evidence of his or her learning, and reflects on how to best convey that to an intended audience, including contemplating questions such as:

  • What is worthy of being looked for and captured during this learning opportunity?
  • What media platforms and tools provide the maximum effect for reflecting on, sharing, and amplifying my own or other’s evidence of learning?
  • How can my or our thinking best be conveyed when considering who will experience the shared and amplified learning evidence?

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